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For all that read the post about the melted spark plug post discussing my issues with a failed engine still has yet to come close to being resolved. I spoke with Yamaha about a week ago and they said there were trying to find me an engine! I lost my cool finally and said you got to be kidding me. August 2015 is when I took my machine to the shop. It is now 2016. No new engine at the dealer yet or new engine in route to the dealer yet. Do yourselves a favor and don't waste your time calling in to the so called product specialists of Yamaha outdoors. No one will EVER call you back, or relay the message to the appropriate person. It takes supposingly 3 to 4 weeks to speak to a manager. The way this has been handled is ridiculous and horrible customer service. At this point I have proceeded into hiring a lawyer and will go after Yamaha to the fullest extent that I can. There is nothing that Yamaha can do to make me a happy Yamaha customer again.
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you would think they would pull one out of a new machine to keep a customer happy instead of losing a customer or however many others if this message gets out ,or your dealer could give you a new one and he can wait for Yamaha to get their shit together.
Yah you would think. They must think I am some young punk customer who is just being a pain that I wasn't going to force the issue, but I have taken that next step and not going to let up. I have posted to all of Yamaha's social media pages my experience. Maybe now someone will step forward who cares. At this point won't make a difference at all.
I expect that the process will speed up now that you have a lawyer. One of my buddy's had a similar problem with a certain boat company and they were yanking him around, got a lawyer and the settled pretty quick without taking it to Court.

I'd expect any settlement you reach now that you have a lawyer involved with include a confidentiality statement. I know they made my buddy sign one with his boat
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Put in a claim with BBB. Start making a huge stink about it.

The dealer should be handling this though. They need to make it right for you then THEY need to go to war with Yamaha.

It's really odd that you are having this much trouble. Can you get your insurance involved? You pay for insurance, may as well use it. Pay your deductible and get their people working for you.

I'm not saying that YOU did anything to harm the engine, you most likely didn't. But from their standpoint, these machines have to be very hard to warranty since most people are going to hammer them. The ATV and side by side market is typically a bunch of drunken super wild hillbillies that are out there to see what they can get away with on the trails. At least where I ride :)

You calling the manufacturer is about as useful as you going outside the white house and yelling to at the president.

Whats a new motor cost? Seems like there are a few angles you can take. If you are close with your insurance people, see if they will get you a new motor then file against yamaha to pay your deductible and for time lost and depreciation while sitting at the shop.

Good luck!
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Man. This is f*cking ridiculous. I feel for you, lawyer is the way to go. Let us know how it turns out. I likely would have handed someone their teeth back by now.

After I knocked them out of their mouth that is.
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