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saw the new YSX (or whatever) at Haydays north of Minneapolis yesterday. Yamaha wil offer a slipper clutch option (dealer install about $1k) which would make it a little more useable for other than the desert. Looks good though

Think there was just as many people looking at Atv/ UTV side as the Snowmobiles in all manufacturers areas. Yamaha had a big screen showing videos of the new one & the Wolverine. Had a yellow & a blue prototype on display.

I talked with the Rep about the new Wolverine (yes I have one). He said they know they need to add a cleaner way to power accessories. He did say the alternator was only like 3500 Watts (many have this wrong) but anyway he said a lot of high powered light bars would pull a lot more than the output no matter how it is wired. Just heads up.

He was in charge of all the accessories so I gave him crap about my rear bumper & mirror being back ordered till October. He said that when they get in a "Lot / Batch" of a product (like the bumper) that they have fixtures set up to do quality control checks on. Since all the stuff is fairly new design they have had some issues with suppliers getting stuff right. He said they have sent back 2 batches of bumpers recently and a few other things that were not acceptable. Rather be late than get them back from customers when won't bolt up.

He could not give me a good reason my New LE aluminum wheels were painted (or whatever is on them) rather than clear coated. He said somebody above him made that call. Always pass the buck LOL

It was funny, they had an area set up on one end of Haydays for atv & utv rides (very controlled). They had a rock obstilcal (if can call it that) that all the units could go over (or around). Besides Yamaha & Arctic ATV's, they had Vikings, Wolverines, Wildcat Trails, and a single Polaris 900 with fancy tires & wheels (not sure why?) Anyway the Yamaha's did not seem to have any issues going over it with any driver and almost all the wildcats ended up backing up and going around it after spinning a while. I only watched for 15 minutes or so, so it may have just been the riders ability, but sure did not look like it. Rest of course was just follow the leader stuff.
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