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There seems to be lots of hate all over the web for the Wolverine, but the majority is not seeing the big picture of the market this is aimed at. True it is the same market that the RZR s and trail, Wildcat sport and trail, etc sell into but it is a part of that market that buys the RZR etc as a necessity because of the lack of alternatives that fit their needs.

The cut back body panels all around and the lower and tighter cage and wheels stuck out in the front and back for better approach angles and body protection and the better suspension is the necessity part that causes a lot of people to buy the sport utv's. Where the sports are lacking; ease of entry and exit, lack of storage, lack of good sight angles, lack of comfort because of the extremely low seating is where the Wolverine excels.

Naysayers are saying not enough power, not enough suspension etc. Well, I regularly ride with a mixed group that includes everything from ATV's to a 1K RZR and a 400 Ranger has absolutely no problem keeping up.
I also ride fairly regularly (for the last 40 years) at a large public riding area that will have hundreds of RZR's on a holiday weekend, and on the high speed part of the trails they only go about maybe 30 mph, average speed probably 5 mph for all day at the most.

I don't have a RZR because of the above mentioned reasons. I have a mid size Ranger 800 and it does great, but the Wolverine has some advantages over the Ranger and the sport models for me. I love challenging terrain and we have plenty of that in the East and Yamaha says that is what the Wolverine is designed for and I personally think they hit the nail on the head. I might be in a small minority, but sales numbers will tell the tale.
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