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Wolverine shows up in 2012?

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I wonder if this was the first version of the Wolverine that was leaked in 2012.

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has similar design, but where did 950 v twin come from?
I believe that the v twin came from their street bike technology.
Yamaha has always used their proven motors and repurposed them into other machines. That v-twin started out as an air-cooled 920cc motor for the Yamaha XV920RH and then the air-cooled 950cc motor for the Yamaha XVS950 Star and the Yamaha Bolt. I would rather have the bigger v-twin in the Wolverine, but that is me. I will wait and see what I will do, and for now, I will keep my 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660cc Special Edition, especially since I have dumped money into squeezing more horsepower out of that motor for my riding style.

I wish they would have changed the looks of them. I can live with it.
When Yamaha does a true all out sport it will have to be a twin to appeal to the buyers.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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