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I have been wanting to hook up a light bar for a while, but was having trouble trying to plan out how I would wire up a system for future expansion. I know that I want to have my winch, light bar, and other accessories controlled by a nice set of lighted contura V switches. I really did not want to install anything or drill any holes until I had it planned out. I was liking the idea of a switch block to keep everything organized and protected from the elements. I was going to build a custom switch block from a Cooper Bussmann relay/fuse block, but was able to find a better solution while searching around. I want to set up my electrical so that all accessories including the stereo will be powered only when the key is on. I also want my switches to light up only when they are turned on, or when the headlights are on.

I came across the site for Concours Specialties, and they sell pre-made fuse blocks that are prewired and weatherproof. They are all wired up and ready to go with the relays installed. If I remember correctly, you can switch up the wiring to customize it for your individual purpose. After looking into the time and cost to build my own, the one they sell seems like a really good value. If you check out their site, they sell different switch panels, harnesses, and blocks. They also have an eBay store with a couple products that are not on their site (click here). The actually also have a custom switch plate for the Wolverine that is pretty nice and comes in different colors.



I had never really worked with relays before so I wasn't 100% sure how to get to where I needed to be. I explained that to the receptionist and she transferred me to a fella named Greg. He was really helpful and took the time to explain what I needed to do. Really nice guy and company to deal with. I'll post pictures once I get it all hooked up.
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