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I installed a Viper winch on my Wolverine today. I used the KFI winch mount which worked great except have to pull bumper to get winch in, but all holes lined right up. I also used the Relay layout (needed power for a horn now & maybe turn signals later) in another post & it worked great.

What I ran into was with the KFI winch mount was it came with pretty good instructions of where to pic up the 12 volt positive signal wire. The only issue is that they say the "Green" wire in the accessary pigtail. After going through all the crap getting a splice in, I have no 12 volt power. I checked everything "assuming" they were right about the "green" wire. On my unit, the green wire is a ground & the other one is Positive. I wasted at least an hour on that so check for voltage before going through it.

I also mounted my contactor in a plastic box from a trailer brake-a-way kit I had laying around. Mounted it to the end of the glove box at slight angle so any water that might get in would drain out and used grommets to seal up where i brought in wires. It has a lid so I can look in when needed. I did use part of the original metal mounting bracket to stiffen the side i bolted to glove box. Looks like it should work great but time will tell. :)
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