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White Wolverine

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Has anyone seen a white on yet? I am working on buying a wolverine and trying to decide between Camo & the White one that is still coming. The pictures are nice, but sure would have liked to see one before committing? Anyone?
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No, haven't seen an Arctic White one yet.
I have not seen one either. I did read that the White version received painted plastics. I assume that's true for the Camo as well? Can I assume the Green and Blue the plastic has molded color??
Yes both Green and Blue are molded colors.
I've seen one we have four at the shop I work at they look really good
We are waiting on the Alpine White one as well, dealer said their warehouse isnt showing any in yet so it probably will be 2 weeks. Thats OK, since were this close to Sept 1 we will wait and see the NEW SxS before purchasing.

what part of country you from? I woudl drive to see one before I bite LOL
I'm from pa the shop I work at is Miller's Yamaha an Polaris we got two built an two in our warehouse
Thanks, PA is a little farther than I can handle to drive to LOL. Hopefully Minnesota dealer gets one soon.
Lol no problem the white one is a really nice looking one the pictures don't do it justice
I hope so as I made a deal on one today site unseen. It should be here by end of week. I like having something different though I really like the blue (but wish it were painted so would not scratch so easy) Trading off a XP1000 for this may seem crazy except I know Yamaha is way more reliable. Had Yamaha stuff for years. Where we ride (rough rocky mountain trails) the RZR is like a having a race horse pulling a wagon LOL Talk about something dropping in value LOL
I hear ya I have a blue wolverine myself I love it I just put bead locks on with blue rings on it but I know what your saying about the 1000 its a amazing machine but Alil over kill for the mountain it's where I ride an no one in my group can out do my wolverine an I ride with only 900 rzr 1000 can ams
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