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@ what mileage to service/ grease CVT/ belt inspection?

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I only got 200 miles and 20 hours now. Going to do the first oil/ diff fluid change now. But in the back of my mind and I know I'm no were close too be needing to do it yet. But what is the recommended miles on machine that the CVT will need to be greased / serviced. And belt
Checked for cracks ECT.. And I'm guessing that hunterworks has the OEM weights and sliders when I comes time.? Thanks fellow wolvie bros
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I had mine serviced at 2,000 miles and was fine ,but depends on conditions like deep water and dust.
That's good to know. I amusing you didn't get into much water / dust, Also is there a dust filter for the cvt breather pipe I need to look for and clean. I tried to follow the pipe but it just goes into the finder well or something!~
I think the cvt tube mounts underneath the bed,
Well I see were the cvt exhaust pipe exist under the bed. But the "intake" part goes into the area under the back of the driver seat/ area. But I would have to pop the snapp rivits to open up the side are to see if there is a dust filter for the cvt intake. That's why I was asking if someone knew if there is a filter or not.
There is no filter on the CVT intake and usually putting a filter on the CVT is not a good idea anyway. You want as much airflow as possible through the CVT to keep the belt temps down. Heat kills belts quick.
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The owners manual states check belt at 200 hrs then every 1500 hrs. There is no recommendation in it for intervals for checking/greasing sheave rollers. The service manual explains how to do this procedure, but also does not recommend intervals. In my experience, and from what I have heard from others, if you run a stock greased setup, you should remove the grease, clean the sheave, and regrease once a riding season. This is a PITA, which is one more reason to switch to greaseless...

A tub of the grease you need for the rollers is about 30-35$. The job itself will take a half day at least if you have never done it before. I went greaseless, don't think I am ever going back. Just my 2 Cents.

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Umm ok. Yea Iv done it on my 09 700 rhino a few times. Fully serviceing the secondary and primary. With grease. But it also was a greasers roller weight set up. I put 4000 miles on the rhino and never needed a belt for it. But this wolvie looks like this may be a little more pain in the butt than the rhino "location". But is it the same exact way to?? . Just grease the collar on the primary, and pull the spring and pins on the secondary the grease the slide cup.?? And I'm going to go greaseless also. Will I ""just"" need the greaseless stock OEM roller weights?? , and I like how it performs like it is and I don't wanna modifi its stock trim performance. Just less maintenance. Very dust in AZ , I hate grease!
Every 6 months would be great, but once a year as a minimum (know a few guys who wait many years). The first time you clean out the grease, you'll go greaseless. Even if you don't purchase a new sheave, you can drop Hunterworks greaseless weights into your cleaned stock sheave.
Definitely going greaseless
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