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Update on new springs

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April 2023. Over the winter I upgraded to Bandit springs on my Wolverine X2. Have only had it out for one ride. The springs increased the ride height in the rear a little more than I wanted. After putting on the shocks the rear sat at 14", was 12". I have the preload at the top, no threads left. The front is 13", was 11". I would like them both to be around 13". I was a little concerned about the angle of the axles in the rear. I sent Bandit an email and they responded almost immediately that there were no worries with excessive angle. Excellent customer service. The rear has dropped about 1/4" after one ride, 13 3/4" now. Hopefully it settles down more with more use. Will take it down to HM early May and put a lot more miles on it and see how it goes.

I am back from HM. This is in no way a criticism of Bandit shocks. The ride is improved, which was my reason for going with new springs, and their customer service is excellent. Just trying to identify the issue, and how resolve it. Put about 250 miles on. After the last days ride, we rode the local asphalt roads back to our rental. I noticed clicking in the rear end going around a curve. It could have been doing it while riding and I never heard it, we rode with multiple machines, and my hearing is not the best. When we got back to the house, I rode it around the yard and could hear clicking on left and right turns. Left not as bad as the right. Brought it home and had the same experience in my yard. Also noticed it clicked while backing up in a straight line. No noise going straight ahead. The rear end still sits at 13 3/4". Time is limited before we leave for the weekend tomorrow. I did just jack the rear end up, tires off the ground. I pulled on the axles and there was some, but next to no movement in and out. Rotated the tires by hand and could hear no noise. All boots look good except for the passenger wheel boot. It is greasy. I believe it is coming from the grease fitting above it. Over the winter I tried getting grease in the fittings but could not. Even with a locking tip. So, I pulled them apart and greased by hand, also rotated a grease fitting or two for better access. So, the grease on the boot, is almost certainly from the loose grease fitting above. I'll clean and check.

From reading this forum, I'm assuming the clicking is axles or CV joints. I am no mechanic. I prefer, when possible, to keep money in my pocket and learn along the way. We have a ride scheduled for Memorial Day. Thinking about putting my old springs back on next week to see if there is anything different.

Won't be able to do anything till next week. Any suggestions or items to check are, as always, appreciated.
Pics below are with original springs and new springs. Thanks.


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I was looking at putting these on myself and will follow this for a while. Please keep it updated I’d anything pops up. I originally bought the Super ATV a arms but after I thought about it I didn’t want the steering stops and shorten up the turning radius.
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