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I'm looking to buy a rmax4 to Finland which has proven to be a difficult task. They haven't sold any to a whole country before, so every salesperson I've spoken with seem to be totally lost about what they are selling.
I was originally looking for a special edition model, but apparently there aren't any in whole of Europe and they couldn't tell whether it'd be 6 months or two years to get one here. Frankly that doesn't matter that much since tje price has risen quite a lot for this year. There is one in Europe they are giving me an offer for and it is named: YAMAHA Wolverine RMax4 1000 TB Bluish Gray Soli 2022. They say that it's this:

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But that doesn't seem like Bluish Gray to me. When googling that model identifier, I got the 2023 LE model pictures.. The TB part is also unclear to me.

Besides the color, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the differencies were between that model above (basic one i guess) and the SE one. They first told me that there was only a colour difference, but admitted I was right when I told the base model lacked a winch. Did the SE include illuminated button backgrounds on the dashboard for example.

Is it just me or do you find spending 35K with this amount of info a little sketchy?

With my recent experience with Yamaha's customer support I would stay as far away from Yamaha as possible. I live here in the U.S. and can't get parts for my machine, I can't imagine the lack of support you'll get in a foreign country. While the machine seems to perform ok when new there are definitely some weak areas that for over $30K should not exist. If I could afford to get rid of mine without losing my a$$ I would. I'll probably end up keeping it till my YES warranty has a year left then sell it and hopefully get enough to buy a Honda Pioneer 5. Maybe by then Honda will up the horsepower to near Talon levels to make it a little more sporty.
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