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I have a Tractor Supply 5.5 x 10 open trailer for hauling around locally, but now we're going to be needing something for when we travel. Anyone know if the Wolverine fits in a QuickSilver LivinLite 7x20 or 8.5x20? Or know of any TT Toy Hauler that it'll fit in that will work with the below truck specs?

Max towing is 9300 lbs.
GCWR is 15,100 lbs.
GVWR is 7200 lbs.
Max Tongue 930 lbs.
GVW is a little under 6000 lbs.

If I figured right then I'm probably looking for a TTTH with a max GVWR of 9100 lbs. Appreciate any help since I'm out in the middle of the Pacific with a sloooow internet connection at present.
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