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Thoughts On SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axles - Knocking Already

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So a few weeks ago on the RMAX FB group there was a guy with an RMAX4 that had just installed Rhino 2.0 axles and was having a CV knocking on his rear passenger side. One other person also chimed in with a video of their Rhino 2.0 doing the same thing. I had chimed in on that post saying that I had just installed them without any knocking issues. I would put a link to that video but it was a FB upload not a Youtube so I couldn't figure a way to do it. But three rides after my installation I am now having the same issue on my drivers side rear axle. I already changed the passenger side twice because the first one I put in had a hole in the inner boot right out of the box. SuperATV was awesome and warrantied it right away but now this on the drivers side. I am tired of changing axles and not being able to ride. I haven't contacted them on this one yet due to my work schedule lately but here is a video of me going down my street. You can hear it distinctly though. I'm not sure if they had received a bad batch or what but so far I am not impressed with these axles.
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I could be wrong but most guys I have spoken with(mind you it was three people lol) had issues at higher mileage on oem. Which i think is normal
I’ve got a spare Oem that I can measure compressed and expanded. Would that help?
Is it just me or do the splines look a little different. Could be the pic???
I was hoping there would be some update here
I meant with everyone else's reported axle issues, stop sales, etc. Just curious whats coming of this.
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