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Thoughts On SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axles - Knocking Already

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So a few weeks ago on the RMAX FB group there was a guy with an RMAX4 that had just installed Rhino 2.0 axles and was having a CV knocking on his rear passenger side. One other person also chimed in with a video of their Rhino 2.0 doing the same thing. I had chimed in on that post saying that I had just installed them without any knocking issues. I would put a link to that video but it was a FB upload not a Youtube so I couldn't figure a way to do it. But three rides after my installation I am now having the same issue on my drivers side rear axle. I already changed the passenger side twice because the first one I put in had a hole in the inner boot right out of the box. SuperATV was awesome and warrantied it right away but now this on the drivers side. I am tired of changing axles and not being able to ride. I haven't contacted them on this one yet due to my work schedule lately but here is a video of me going down my street. You can hear it distinctly though. I'm not sure if they had received a bad batch or what but so far I am not impressed with these axles.
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Has anyone ever had the clunking sound and then one fail? I have a friend that has clunking from about a week after purchase [ 1 year ago ] and now has over 1400 miles on the machine with it still clunking and nothing has come about it.
Read clear through this thread this morning. One thing that is not clear at all, is what exactly is 'clicking'? . CV joint? Axle spline?... Locked Diff?

Seems to me that if angle is causing some of this, you apply some weight to the rear.. make it squat a bit... even the CV angles out... and if it was the angle, that click should go away... but the fact that this is happening more in turns on hard pavement... just screams diff at me. Anybody have a parts breakdown of the rear diff on these? I'm going to go through my service manual and check as well...
Just seems that if there was a hard click... you would be able to see some metal to metal contact somewhere... ?

Gonna be late for work now.. had to pull the service manual out.. .okay.. not the diff... unless there is some interaction with ring gear clearances and axle length...
Mine is making the clanking noise and I have ordered new rear axles, not sure when they will be delivered. When I put weight in the rear, noise goes away for sure. replaced the fronts with Rhino 2.0 and going factory on the rears.
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