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The official Hunter Green Yamaha Wolverine Photo Thread

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Post all of your Wolverine Hunter Green photos in here!

(coming soon)
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I like the green too. Not sure on green or blue lol
I would go for the half windshield. I have a full now and it's impossible to keep cleaned off.
For me, this is the closest to trail ready sxs as I have seen.
I wish they would have demo rides before April. AC did that with the Trail.
Maybe they will.I have heard very little other than press releases.
Nice Pics! I saw a green one and a blue one today. Took a few pics of the blue one.
I was pretty impressed actually... I'm not a huge fan of the styling... it's like they did a great job on the front but they really "skimped" on the box area...more color back there would make it a lot nicer.

I had asked the dealer for a measuring tape as well. The rear box measures 42 inches towards the front of the box and 40 at the rear towards the tailgate and the length is 27 inches at max measuring point. I also measured the front wheel stance which measured 60.5 inches wide and then I measured the back because something looked strange (or familiar) and it turns out that the rear measured around 61.5 inches (same as Viking)! So it is slightly wider in the rear compared to the front...the nice thing is that the "bark busters" that protect the rear wheel on trees, etc. actually hide the fact that it is wider in the rear (unlike the rhino did). This also explains why when watching all of the videos that there were some that said it was 60.5 (like Yamaha's spec sheet) and others said 61.5. Now I have to buy a new trailer because my current 5x10 will no longer work!

Have to agree with Timmy that the intake/exhaust to the CVT will need to be snorkeled if anyone plans on riding deep water over 18 inches. There is a heavy duty protection screen over the oil cooler and radiator behind the black front grill as well which is a welcomed improvement. The seats are absolutely plush compared to my 2012 SE Rhino ones; more on the line of the Kawasaki SE seats in the 4 seaters.

One other thing to note is that the battery is at least 50% larger in the Wolverine compared to the Rhino....means much easier to run aftermarket lighting and audio and most likely eliminate the need for an additional battery in most cases.

At the end of the day, I didn't get a chance to actually ride but it literally seems to me that this is "Rhino 2.0" and I welcome it...can't wait for my Blue EPS to deliver!
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wow bansheeburner, thank you for the photos! the body and frame of the Wolverine is designed for riding. tires out to the corners and at the end of the body, narrow front and rear body and sloped front for visibility, up swept side frame with long a-arms. to me it is nothing like the rhino which was never really designed with trail riding in mind
Really like that wheel and tire combo!
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