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Thanks Yamaha

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So it began 2 years ago......
Polaris had just come out with the sportsman ace, the price was right so I discussed with my wife my want to purchase a new toy. She was okay with the purchase and then I changed my mind. Figured I'd wait and see if Polaris would put a 570 in it. 2 years later I test drove the one I thought I wanted..... it felt like I was driving a clown car. I began to research all the alternatives. Can am was a bit too hi tech for my comfort. Polaris too proud of a product that was dominating the market.artic cat was just not what I was looking for. Everything was either too utility or performance oriented. Nothing quite fit the bill for my needs. I didn't want to give up performance for a decent amount of comfort and bed space. Nor did I want to give up a little utility for decent performance.
Just when I thought I was going to have to bite the bullet and buy a rzr 900 and outfit it the best I could to fit my needs. Next thing I know , Yamaha decides to unveil exactly the kind of machine I had been looking for. In reality , it's only missing one key item. A winch.

Thanks Yamaha.........
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I know what you mean, I was really close to pulling the trigger on a Honda Pioneer. I was checking out used Rhinos when I called a dealership in Birmingham and the sales guy there said that I might want to hold on a little longer that Yamaha was coming out with something the first part of this year. I am glad I did. Not that there is anything wrong with the Honda but the Wolverine is just a much better fit.
The Pioneer was high on my list as well as the Ranger
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