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I installed the 2" lift from SuperATV this week and went for a long ride today.
I climbed ruts, rocky hills, and rode Creek beds.
First off - from 0-15mph the ride stiffens a little. However, from 25 mph + the ride is better. I did not feel my front end collapse when hitting ruts that previously almost bottomed out the coil overs when traveling at speed. From 15-25mph I would say it rides a tad stiffer.
I preferred the way the suspension responded to slow crawls up hill over rocks with the lift installed. It took some of the squoosh away that would leave the Wolverine dragging bolders.
I never liked how soft the front end was, and this actually helped that issue.
I gained a little over 2" of height from the skid plate to the earth.
Install was a breeze once I figured out the plates weren't going to pinch my radiator lines - it will make you question before you slide the bracket in.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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