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Stock clearance and shock settings.

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Just wondering what people are seeing in stock clearance and shock settings. My unit is brand new. Front is 10 3/4"
Rear is 11"
I have 1/2" at best of threads showing above jam nuts. How much should I adjust nuts down and how much clearance will I gain without getting suspension too stiff ? Any other adjustments needed ? I will eventually add 2" lift after seeing some reviews of which kit seems to work the best. Would like to eventually end up at about 13" without sacrificing the ride this suspension offers.
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I changed my wheels and tires to a true 26" tire and went up 1 turn on the preload on all 4 corners and am sitting at just under 12" of clearance after a couple rides and the shocks settling. I was excited because when I first measured after adjusting the shocks I was closer to 13", but I just let the jack down and didn't compress the shocks before I measured. Bounced up and down on the front bumper and trailer hitch a couple of times and got it to settle out at 12".
When you say 1 turn you mean 1 complete revolution of large nut that is turned with spanner wrench ? If so that does not seem that that would change much at all. 1 turn should equal what in lift ?
Yep, 1 turn on the preload adjustment nut. Actually you don't need a spanner wrench to turn it if you jack it up and have the wheels off the ground. As far as how much lift, I don't know because I didn't check the clearance before I adjusted them. Actually I never measured the ground clearance at all until then.
Anybody else have some input ?
I pack over two hundred pounds in the back most of the time and have adjusted rear shocks three times,i get about a quarter inch per turn with the weight in the back.it doesn't seem to take long before shocks sag and I'm at around nine and one half inches of clearance on the back most of the time.my front stays at around ten inches.
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