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Side by Sides are a Big Problem for our Trails! Please restrict them to 4X4 roads!!

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Now this is a message no one is going to want to hear, but here goes. I have no problem with guys using them on two track roads. In California that is legal, but please DO NOT confuse the legal status of a quad with a Side by Side!

In CA a quad must be less then 50 in wide and be a "sit on" vehicle and have handlebars. That is not a Side by Side! A SXS is limited to 4wd roads and trails and they need to stay there.

With big power and long ravel suspension a SXS is like a mini Baja car and it moves a lot of dirt. Riders are always trying to stuff their rig down quad trails and even single track motorcycle trails never intended for a SXS and it widens out and totally ruins the trail. They are turning our trail system into a road system!

So enjoy your SXS but please do not put your rig on trails that are restricted to ATV/MC. There is plenty of two track for you, so please stick to that and read and obey the signs.

Thank you!
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