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Side by Sides are a Big Problem for our Trails! Please restrict them to 4X4 roads!!

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Now this is a message no one is going to want to hear, but here goes. I have no problem with guys using them on two track roads. In California that is legal, but please DO NOT confuse the legal status of a quad with a Side by Side!

In CA a quad must be less then 50 in wide and be a "sit on" vehicle and have handlebars. That is not a Side by Side! A SXS is limited to 4wd roads and trails and they need to stay there.

With big power and long ravel suspension a SXS is like a mini Baja car and it moves a lot of dirt. Riders are always trying to stuff their rig down quad trails and even single track motorcycle trails never intended for a SXS and it widens out and totally ruins the trail. They are turning our trail system into a road system!

So enjoy your SXS but please do not put your rig on trails that are restricted to ATV/MC. There is plenty of two track for you, so please stick to that and read and obey the signs.

Thank you!
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IMHO it isn't the machine that is the problem. It's the nut at the controls.
I'm thankful to live in alaska. We don't have any restrictions like that. Only thing necessary is that you register your machine if you plan to use them in state parks. We do have some places all motorized vehicles are restricted and other places are on a weekly schedule alternating non motorized use with motorized use. As long we tread lightly in places of limited use we won't have to hear these pleas.
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