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Seeking advice from Wolverine owners

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We've been waiting to get a Wolverine because we want the Alpine White, the dealer said it may be as soon as next week. Just wanting to confirm our choice with you guys that have them before we drop this kind of cash.
Has anyone had experience with one at 10,000-12,000 ft altitude climbing rocky trails that have steps where getting a big run is out of the question?
Has anyone had a Wolverine on the Moab trails where you need some torque and grunt to climb on the rocks?
These seem like the perfect machine for this, IF it has low enough gearing.
Our only experience with sxs's has been in our daughter and son-in-laws Teryx 4 and it does quite well, but the Wolverine seems to have a superior suspension and ride.
No criticism, but most of the videos I find are of guys tearing up and down dirt roads and splashing water, we really want something that can claw its way up a steep slope that's uneven and steppy.
Thanks for your input and we appreciate any advise
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From my experience. What ever a tyrex can do a wolverine can do better
Spent 10 Days in Rockys with My Wolverine. Climbed to 14' on Mt Antero. No issues. You will notice a power loss but there is plenty there. Had two other brands on the ride . They all drove my Wolvie and loved it. Do not regret my purchase.
There is a video I posted of my wife and I climbing a pretty steep rocky hill. That was at 12 thousand feet.
Thanks for the response, Antero is a great trail and the kind of stuff we ride. Would love to see your video, where is it at?
Thanks for the link.
There are some great trails in that area, did you ride Pomeroy, Iron Chest, Taylor Pass, Tellurium, American Flag Mt, Napoleon Pass, Alpine, Cross Mt,)?
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