These are 3D printed 1" ball mounts that fit securely in standard rocker switch knockouts. Easy to install with no cutting or drilling! This allows you to use any RAM style mount compatible with a 1" ball. I'm personally using a Quad Lock setup with a cheap Amazon phone mount (works just as good!) for my wife. RAM also makes the claw style mounts. Feel free to PM me with any questions or for recommendations.

These are $21 shipped with a discount for multiple. Various colors are available upon request, but cost an extra $2. Please PM me on here, Facebook (Kevin McCoy), or email [email protected] for payment info.

I get asked a lot if this will support a tablet. It's really designed for phones and handles heavy ones with no problems. I have seen customers use them for small tablets. I caution that the more weight and/or longer arms you use could cause the device to shake around. Excessive weight could cause damage to the dash. I do have another solution for the Yamaha RMax specifically and may be able to design something for other models. PM me for details.