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I copied vtpoolmans idea for fabbing up mudflap protection for the front edge of the rear fender, preventing as much mud from being thrown forward into the cab.
Materials used: 24"x24" mudflap for a semi trailer ($11.36) cut into 2ea 6"x24" strips, 4ea 10mm bolts that are about 1/4" longer than the factory bolts, 4ea 10mm bolts, nyloc nuts, 12ea fender washers, 4ea 3/4" screws with washer heads (I used these to pull the flap into the curvature of the wheel well.

Cardboard template used to notch the new flap.

Top of the flap showing fender notch and upper factory bolt hole

Bottom of flap showing relief tab for lower factory bolt hole

Bottom of flap with lower bolt and 2 bolts with fender washers and nyloc nuts inside tube

Top of flap bolted in

View from front of Wolverine

View from rear of Wolverine showing two extra screws screwed into plastic to hold the flap to the curve of the wheel well.

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nice. i rebuilt my rear ones. needed a little more coverage for my mirrors.
IMG_1762.jpg IMG_1763.jpg
still mounted the same way. but did not cut the top slots. they bend around the curve pretty well. and are flexible for bush waken.
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