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I have been looking at the different year models and trying to figure out if I have this right.

Im assuming for the front
2018-2019 were identical
2020 (guessing something changed after talking with SATV about new arms but not sure what, maybe just mounting locations????)

as for the rear I'm guessing
2018-2019 were identical
2020 they added 1" to the wheelbase in the rear as well as (I think 2" overall on the rear track width)

Does the above seem to be correct? If so, does anyone know what changed on the front of the 2020s?
Im thinking once SATV gets the front 2020+ arms released, I might see what the biggest tire I can run with those without adding any lift to my 2020. Would be nice to go with 30s but thinking it would be tight on the rear. If so wander if it could be done with both the front and rear SATV offset arms???
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