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Primary collar

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I am into my 1600 mile service on my primary and secondary. I was very careful to lay various parts out on my bench so that I would know exactly how to put it all back together.
Except for the primary collar (pic). Which way does the smaller diameter of the inside of the collar point to?
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It doesn't really matter. I mean there are wear patterns that were made when it was originally installed, but that's not really going to matter if you install it 'backwards' from how it was originally installed.
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Your videos are guiding me through.
I got shims from UTV Engineering.
I am not sure where they go. Or is it a good idea to use them?
Shims basically shift your power from up high to down low. By adding a shim you'll gain more low end grunt, but you'll lose max top speed. Shim can go between the collar and fixed sheave or between the collar and cam plate with the latter being preferred.
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I went on a 25 mile ride this evening. Twice in low and once in high I got some "belt bark" when I pulled out from a stop. Level ground.
When you installed the cam plate sliders, did you use the provided tool to install and make sure they were fully-seated and make sure the line or I faced the inside of the cam plate/sheave? Did you slide the cam plate in and out by hand to make sure it moved freely?
Just random thinking: I wonder how many RMAX owners who have belt bark are using shims and how many aren't.
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You can count me and Kman as 2.
Desertdweller and Jkechter both had barking with earlier Gen sliders like me. They didn’t have a shim.
They both have a shims now and the latest Gen sliders and reported no bark. We’ll see if that changed when they return from Moab this time!
In theory, if shims play a role, it would be due to the lower ratio created and not the shim itself. My barking was with a shim and stock sheave which isn’t as low a ratio as a Weller sheave and no shim.
My theory is that with the shim, the secondary spring has an issue returning the primary back to fully closed and/or the belt has so little surface to grab onto with max shim.
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