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Primary collar

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I am into my 1600 mile service on my primary and secondary. I was very careful to lay various parts out on my bench so that I would know exactly how to put it all back together.
Except for the primary collar (pic). Which way does the smaller diameter of the inside of the collar point to?
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Your videos are guiding me through.
I got shims from UTV Engineering.
I am not sure where they go. Or is it a good idea to use them?
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Thanks Budro2. I never go that fast. I stopped that craziness when I sold the RZR and got the superior RMAX4.
I ride slower and do some crawling. I am going to go with both shims.
Great info.
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Followup: thanks for the help and suggestions. Everything went back together smoothly and the performance is definitely improved. Very happy with it.
I added UTV Engineering: 22g weights (greaseless), shims (1 mm), slippery washers, clutch sliders, and Tinkseal.
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I went on a 25 mile ride this evening. Twice in low and once in high I got some "belt bark" when I pulled out from a stop. Level ground.
Any chance you installed the sliders upside down?
No. I was very careful, watching Massive Overkill's videos during each step. Made sure the "I" faced the correct way, toward the inside.
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Yep. I used the tool, they were fully seated, the line faced the inside, and the cam plate moved slippery smooth.
I am super OCD.
The shims are between the collar and the fixed sheave.
As far as ut being dusty. I rode alone (other than my GSD) so I wasn't sucking in dust.
I don't really want to go back to the stock setup, the new performance is so much better. I hope I can track down the issue.
I have several hundred miles of riding planned this weekend, I hope it does ok.
I will pay close attention when the bark happens during my rides this weekend. It would be nice if it just doesn't happen again.
I will have the RMAX on some tough trails. I gotta push it to see if my buddies can keep up with me in their KRXs.
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