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Primary collar

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I am into my 1600 mile service on my primary and secondary. I was very careful to lay various parts out on my bench so that I would know exactly how to put it all back together.
Except for the primary collar (pic). Which way does the smaller diameter of the inside of the collar point to?
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I just did my own, and I used two .5 shims. I put one on each side of that collar. On mine, I had trouble getting a shim thru the sheave, but finally went thru. There are just a little bit of splines showing under the cam plate, but I believe its enough.
Next time you service, put both on behind the collar. Those shims don’t fit the shaft precisely so it’s hanging down and not centered with the hole. You could damage the seal.
My shims fit exact so I don’t have that issue using them on the outside.
Yeah, I will do that, thanks for the idea.
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1 - 2 of 33 Posts