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Decided to put 6 gang switch panel in my wolverine proved to be time intensive, I put it in the open compartment in front of the shift selector for it provided a pretty much dry area.

1. Started by running all 12 gage wire to all lights, interior, back up, and big LED on front bumper, put all wire in 5/16 tubing to avoid any shorts in wiring, brought it all through the back of the compartment.

2. Ran fused 30 amp 10 gage wire from battery to waterproof power kill switch which I mounted on dash next to light switch, purpose of this is gave me 30 amp power supply for all accessories that I could kill power to all when in garage.

3. Took VBflywire advice and installed a bank of relays in that compartment to run each light, this is really a must. So thanks VBflywire for the tip on that.

4. Finally wired up switch panel and made mount for it works great.
5. one fall in WV pis
here are the step by step pics in case anybody wants to do it this way 20151020_153824.jpg 20151024_110411.jpg 20151024_111225.jpg 20151024_111252.jpg 20151022_164308.jpg 20151022_164156.jpg 20150502_113953.jpg 20150430_191052.jpg 20151023_104118.jpg
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