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Just graduated from the 4 wheeler world with my 1st SXS

2016 wloverine....got the blue one-----

I live in the most beautiful part of the country here in Southeast KY.

I live to hunt, fish and ride as much as possible. I work 60+ hours a week so I can.:cool:

I have done some stalking here on the forum and y'all seem like my kinda of people.

I have a couple of question that I will put up in the correct page. (I hope)

As for my machine- I have added
A front folding windshield
front/rear arm guards
Rear view mirror
And rocker switch panel that covered that UGLY warning plate.
And dang the warning stickers.....must have spent an hour gettin em off.

Found another I missed last night when I got home from Turkey Huntin...(opening weekend here in KY)

This is the 1st ride/hunt I have used this buggy on and I have to say I AM IN LOVE

So far I have only logged 10 miles and 3 1/2 hours.....still got the new car smell

Can't wait till I can go on a BIG ride memorial day weekend.....Brimstone baby

See y'all in the woods


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Welcome to the forum from Alaska.
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