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Newbie from Ohio

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Hi all. Just joined up from here in southeast Ohio right on the river by WV. I found the sire a couple weeks ago when I was looking for reviews on the wolverine, and decided to join up last night after I laid claim to one of my own that I will have sometime in the next week. I did a factory demo about a month ago and that's what made my mind up on the wolverine. The only thing that bugs me about it is that being a Buckeye through and through, it's hard to have a "wolverine" in the family lol. Started on dirt bikes when I was 9, moved to 4 wheelers about 10 years ago, and this will be my first side by side.
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Welcome mimeeks3. Post some photos and a review when you get that bad boy!
Hello and welcome. Im in Williamstown so we may see each other on a trail or two.
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I'm in Belpre. In the past I've done most of my riding out in Cutler and Layman, but a lot of those trails have been shut down. We still find places to ride though.
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