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New Wolverine owner for central Kentucky

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New to the wolverine sxs, bought me one bout 2 weeks, after selling the teryx, man on man what a ride the suspension is awesome. Got me bout 12 hours of seat time in over the weekend on way to the 20 hour break in, I like it, not as much throw back power as the teryx, but I like the wolverines power all the same. Couple of questions are there any video's showing shock adjustments? Also tried to post in wanted section but noticed certain sections I cannot get a new thread option, thus whats the post minimum i need to gain access here? As I am looking for (2) front black steel rims, when I replaced my tires I want to go with 9" width all around.


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Welcome! Are you by chance trying to post in the wanted section from a mobile device? We have been doing some construction recently, there may be a bug or two needing worked out. I will look into this for you. As long as you had at least 5 posts prior to attempting to post in the wanted section you should have been able to.
I was on a mobile device I see from the computer I can get access thanks
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