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Well finally got a chance to get mine out to play this weekend as it was the first weekend the trails here in WI were open. Between Friday afternoon and Saturday I managed to get 160 miles on it. First thing is man this thing is fun to ride. That suspension rides so nice over the bumps and handles really well cornering under acceleration. The trails I ride are mostly through the woods and what I found was this thing handles and feels like it has good power when riding in the 30 to 40 mph range, which is perfect for me. I'm not sure if its the big horn tires or how the tires are in relation to the fenders but like everyone said it really can throw some mud. Don't expect to stay clean if your riding through mud, but i don't think anyone does. It does do pretty good in the mud, not as good as a quad, but its a lot heavier so its kinda what I expected.

As far as top speed I wasn't really getting on it hard much as I think I still got some breaking in to do, but I opened it up once with 2 people in it on what I would call semi-packed sand and hit 51 mph. It jumped up to 45 mph pretty quick from then on it took a little bit to get 50 mph. I think most guys that were getting like 54 mph were probably on a blacktop road.

The only thing I would of liked to see different and this is probably more rider preference than anything is I would of liked the 4WD switch to be mounted in the middle, like on the dash above the shifter or something. Only other thing was I managed to break one of the bolts that hold the plastic skid plate just below the from bumper, which seemed odd to me as it didn't break the plastic. I can't blame Yamaha for that as it was likely just a bad bolt.

I plan on getting out again next weekend and getting some more miles on it.

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Good write up, The big horn suck in the mud.. smh. With the right tires and a lift it should be decent in the mud, and better overall to me.. which is what the finance guy at the dealership told me when yamaha took them out to ride a few weeks ago..

He said it's awesome, just needs tires and a lift.. and I agree...lol at least in muddy Louisiana ...oh and a winch
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