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Put a O2 sensor bung in stock exhaust and then used the auto-tuner on the power commander to make a fuel map for the Wolverine. There was some pretty big changes in fuel.

Didn't add any top speed to it though.

I took the stock exhaust tip out and boy is that thing restrictive, so I sliced and diced the tip up and made a tip with about 1 1/2" opening reran it.

Acceleration seemed a decent amount improved, easier to hold top speed but no more top speed.

Gained a bit going up a grade over stock. Redid fuel map too.

Still just baby steps but I can say the sheave is doing all it can do. I have it at maximum belt travel and that I will make a video on soon to show.

Point is, still just plugging along.

Confirmed wet clutch slugs fit but different wet clutch cover gasket, got some on the way.

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