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SOLD ... Mac's Custom Tie Down Wheel Nets for Sale


I've been waiting a couple of months for a "For Sale" Section but it still hasn't happened. So, I will post this here and see if I get any bites.

I purchased a set of Mac's Custom Tie Down Wheel Nets for my Wolverine a couple of months ago. They have been sitting in the box and have NEVER been used. I switched trailers and no longer need them. These are extremely high quality tie downs that were custom made to fit the Wolverine's stock tire size. I paid $299 for these. I am asking $200 (free shipping within the USA) and will cry quietly to myself about my $$$ loss if someone buys them :(.

UTV Tire Net Pack
- (2) 26x8 front nets
- (2) 26x10 rear nets
- Color is Red
- Duffel storage bag
- (4) strap wraps.

Link to Mac's site: UTV Wheel Net Pack (These are $249 and mine were an additional $50 since they were a custom size for a total of $299).

Please IM me or respond here if you are interested.
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