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Lug Nut Torque

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My lug nuts were at 40 FT LB after about 35 miles. The spec is 54. The Kawasaki Teryx uses the same 12mm x 1.25 lug nuts and my 08 spec was 101 FT LB I knew it was too high, my Ford F150 is 90. I set mine at about 85. The next year the spec was lowered to about 90. Honda uses a 12mm x 1.50 stud with a torque of about 98. I can see why the Viking 6 seat model has problems. The Viking rear wheels had the wrong taper, should be a 60 degree.

I set my Wolverine at 80 FT LB with the ITP aluminum wheels. I will check with my dealer to see the torque spec on the Viking special edition with the aluminum wheels.
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i torque my alloy rims on my rzr to 65 ft lbs.
I generally torque everything I have based on the German philosophy...make it Gut-en-teit! But seriously though, I can't say I have ever used a torque wrench on lug nuts. I just do it by feel with my impact I have been using for years. I don't try to rip the studs off, but I don't just snug it either. Never had a problem with any trucks/equipment before.
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