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I had the “SUPER ATV” split wind shield and “SIDE X SIDE ENCLOSURES” installed on my 2022 RMAX 2. But because I use my RMAX everyday for work and transport on an open trailer. The side windows have to be removed for warranty and it became a hassle to install and remove every day. I would like to add that the “SIDE X SIDE ENCLOSURES” are a good item for the money. And the removal and installation of the side windows only took a few minutes. After reading a post here on the forum about a hard enclosure called the “VAULT” I looked into it and decided to install it. The install was fairly of the front and rear windows is self explanatory. The side windows did require watching a video that they have a link to on their site. It does require some drilling. All that said I really like these windows they look good and I have a lot better visibility than I did with the soft side enclosure. The glass is also easier to clean than the clear vinyl. Sorry not the best pics.
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