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I'm a stickler for following instructions, but I found a shortcut for installing the rear grab bar (a.k.a. bumper).

In the instructions, they have you bolt up the lower supports first, then undo all the screws on the bed so you can pry it carefully upwards to access the nuts on the upper supports. You don't need to do this. If you're handy with mechanicals, you can easily get the nuts on without the hassle of undoing the bed.

Once you get the lower bolts in per the instructions, on each side for the uppers you can carefully hold the nut over the hole with a finger and run the bolt upwards through the bar assembly and hole far enough to hand thread it on. I was on a creeper and used my knees to hold the thing up firmly so I could thread the nuts on. It's definitely a tight fit for your fingers, especially on the muffler side, but it's pretty easy. Once you get the bolts in, use a socket wrench on the bolt from below, and a closed-end wrench to hold the nut while you tighten them. All of them are easily accessible with the closed-end wrench. Once the upper ones are good, finish tightening the lower bolts. Don't forget to put the retaining clip for the taillight back in the different hole per the instructions.

Hope this helps someone!

This sure "finishes" the look on the rear, it just wasn't right with only a bunch of plastic back there!

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