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I own a 2015 Arctic Cat Sport XT. Love it so far. I had an AC Trail for about 6 months. I wanted a 60 inch model Is why I got a Sport. My Trail had over 400 miles with no problems. I've had 3 Yamaha. Not the 1st problem with them. Not sure if the Wolverine is for me, but I'm going to look at it hard.
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I like the Cats, I owned a Cat atv, no problems with it. I drove a Trail model when they came out. It wasn't for me, I already had a rzr 570. The sport model seems to be a good machine also. The blue xt would be my choice also.

3rd yamaha. I sold it a year ago, and got my first SxS.
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I sure do miss them lol
It's like having kids leave the house lol
I got the tan on both. I love it. The dealer said that color didn't sell good.
it didn't but I know 6 or 7 guys who had one.
Green sold the best for them.
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