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Hauling Wolverine with Full OEM Windshield Installed?

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I see the installation instructions for the full OEM Windshield say do not haul the Wolverine on an open trailer with the windshield installed. The windshield is huge. If I have to remove it to haul it around I basically wasted my money because it is going to be a huge pain in my rear to remove it, safety put it in the back of the truck and install it, again when I get to my destination.

Has anyone hauled their Wolverine with the OEM windshield installed? If so, any issues? Did you keep the windshield in the up or down position? I'd think up would be preferred.

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I think you'd be ok trailering it, I can't see how driving it down the road at 55 would be any different than it sitting on a trailer doing 55.
I have hauled mine (open air trailer) with the OEM full folding windshield over 400 miles or so already at 70-75mph without any issues at all, with the windshield up.
I've hauled mine on an open trailer with it up and down and haven't had any issues.
That's good news. Thanks, guys. I'm guessing they are telling us to avoid hauling it with the windshield up to avoid rock/road hazard damage. Can't think of any other reason. It's as someone said up above ... on the trailer at 60 mph should be no different than off the trailer at 60 mph.
I would think it may be a safety issue, if someone didn't have their clamps tight enough and it flew off on the highway. Takes less than a minute to pull the windshield off and stick it behind the seat of the truck. Plus no bugs splattered on it either ;-)
I do it and don't think twice about it.. Although, I may be a little weary of hauling it backwards.
I have hauled mine over 400 miles with windshield up, I am sure backing it on a trailer it would destroy it.
That windshield will not fit behind the seat of my full sized truck (crew cab). I'd have to fold up the rear seats and then I can't carry any passengers back there. It'd have to go in the bed of the truck. It isn't the end of the world if I do have to remove it. Just a pain in the butt.
Oh ya. For sure would not haul it backward with the windshield on it.

I do it and don't think twice about it.. Although, I may be a little weary of hauling it backwards.
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