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Good News if your looking to change out your Wolverine Seats

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My new glacier white has been at PRP Seat Manufacturers for last few weeks where they made patterns, seat bases, and finally custom seats to fit.
they also made custom bags that mount behind the seat on the roof and behind the console on the back wall and Gun Bag Across Rear in Bed.

other mods I've done are chopped the roll bar 3" (to fit in my trailer)
rugged radio in dash, Assault Mirrors, Fender Flares, Storage Box, and Powder Coated O.E Alloys Mat Black

will down load some pictures shortly

PRP is launching the seat and baggage line for Wolverine in May
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Are they 1 piece seats or do they still use the separate tops and bottoms?
Yeah - pictures, or it didn't happen! :D

Look forward to seeing your mods, especially the seats!
did you ever get pictures of your new stuff? what did you do about area where bolster was?
like a Memorial day launch?!?

Lets see some pictures!
They are 1 piece seats. Very Pricey!!!!

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