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first two days of Wolverine

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Received my green Wolv on Saturday morning with son's Polaris 570 Hunter edition.
first day was spent feeling her out in field, trails and hills. Blew me away: great power, fantastic steering, and truly awesome suspension compliance/damping. At full boil on uneven/bumpy terrain it was very stable...much more so than the 570 atv.
Second day....MUDDING!!!! We went down to the pond where there is an area of spring runoff creating a perfect place to churn up a mud track/bog.
this property is new for us and prior owner must not have done this. 5 passes with both vehicles created a consistency of wet mash/soup and the mud was flying. Wolverine was great, made it through a foot of mud with no problems with two aboard, both of us over 210lbs. My son on 570 was in heaven. The atv did better in the mud, as it was like riding a jet ski, whereas the Wolverine was like a boat.
cleanup....sucked. some needed advice, brothers, as the mud and grass was literally everywhere and we both spent 2 hours pulling chunks of mud/grass slabs out of crannies I'd probably never discover otherwise, and hosing them down as best we could. A power washer is the preferred solution???

All done, it was a great experience, both of us with our new toys. Coming from a roadracing background, I'm new to atv/utv world, I really liked the Wolverine. It ate all I threw at it and certainly satisfies my craving of 4 wheeled performance Passion.
Didn't video anything but I plan on using my roll cage rig to mount a gopro and record some laps around the property. I'm very glad I went with a SxS, as I found it much more comfortable/stable/inviting to drive fast through the trails than the atv. It's a differect animal and one that suits me better.
be good,
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I'm the driver. This was after we scoped the mud area. 1hr later, we were COMPLETELY coated...was a blast.
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I don't use power washers but a lot of people do. get the Yamaha fender flares, they help a lot. Add some generic flaps for more protection. Generally utv's are just more work to clean because the body's cover more of the machine.
Thanks so much. Flares are ordered, I'll get to work on the flaps.
Our first ride we looked like you, covered with stuff. The Yamaha flares are very well made and help a lot.

trying to link video from friend
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yea in your case, a power washer may be necessary!

great photos!
Looks like fun!
mud is tons of fun, but tough to clean up.
power washers, if not used properly, can get into places they're not supposed to go and push out needed grease.
i currently have a rhino and replace wheel bearings every 2 seasons because the muddy waters find their way into the bearings and destroy them. don't know about wolvys, but the parts are similar so i'm sure it could become an issue...
Rode mine for the first time last night, Got really muddy. Spent 3 hours cleaning today with a power washer. Kind of hard to clean underneath because of the skid plates. Of course I am kind of a clean freak, especially with the new machine.
Went to country house this weekend armed with electric power washer and Simple Green.
2 hours later, showroom condition....just in time for the trails!!!

I must say, I love this machine. It reminds me more of a rally car than a quad. Power is more than perfect, as 95% of my terrain is well within its speed limits. I found myself more in 2wd than 4wd, sliding the rear and steering with the throttle more than the wheel. Very happy with the choice of R-Spec over the Rzr900s, as the power advantage would have been wasted. Dealer did have a 900s when I went to look, it is pretty, but less room ( I'm 6'4", 215lb) and the reputation of problems, even by the dealer, steered me to the Wolv.

Very happy with it...can't wait to drive her again!!!
New delivery on Saturday, wish I could put this motor in the Wolverine...
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You got that right. Smooth,,, POWERful,,, bitchin sound. I had a 850XP. Fantastic motor.
Now the question is, why didn't Yamaha put something like that in the Wolverine?
If they had I (and LOTS of others) would have really considered it, and if they had it would make it worth closer to the elevated price they are asking for them, and they would be selling like Polaris 900s.

New delivery on Saturday, wish I could put this motor in the Wolverine...
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