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Well, finally got my heater installed on the Wolverine. I followed Prairie Mudder's idea, and after a few chats with him, and a lot of help from my brother, plumbed er in. Had to burp the coolant a few times with the flush kit at the highest point, then voila....nice hot air from the unit and dash vents.

Hopefully these pics will show up as I took them w my phone.

Basically, we teed the hot line just behind the left side of rad (hot side from motor) and ran the supplied rad hose behind the fan to the back of heater unit, which we placed in the glove box.

Then teed the cold rad hose from just behind the right side of rad (cool line), with the extra 5/8" rad hose that I picked up from Carquest. This line then joined the flush kit, then continued on into the other copper line to the heater unit.

We ran the heater hose from under the heater unit with supplied elbow, through the top part of the passenger footwell (hole saw), then up to the supplied 3 way splitter connector. The other two heater hoses ran from the splitter, under the front cowling (which needs to be unfastend and slid up the pillars, and bungied to roof), then attached to the dash vents. The dash vent holes were drilled with the supplied hole saw.

We fastend the heater unit to the top of the globe box with one piece of alum angle that we screwed to the top front of unit, the attached that through the ywo screw holes that were already existing from the globe box latch knob ( swivel knob to lock glove box door).

After bike warmed up, really nice heat from the two unit vents and the two defrost vents. Closing off the unit vents gave even more heat to defrost vents.

Hope this is helpful for anybody wanting to go this route.


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