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Finally going to get my first real trail ride in this weekend!

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Got the confirmation tonight that I dodged the OT bullet at work this weekend and will be freed up to go on a benefit poker run this weekend. I'm pretty pumped because this will be my first chance to get out and really test my machine on some trails, and it should be a pretty good test. The weather in my area has been pretty much solid rain for the last week and more forecast through Saturday, so the trails should be nice and sloppy. Don't know if I'll be able to take any pics because the only camera I have is the one on my phone and I don't think I want to risk a $700 phone just to take some pics on a trail ride, but I'll definitely get some before and after shots.
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Sounds like you're going to have a blast! Hopefully you are able to get some pics that you can share with us :)
Just got home and got unloaded. We ran about 45 miles of trails and roads (and some roads that turned into trails then back into roads). We've had a lot of rain in my area for about the last week and a half so it was sloppy muddy. I did get stuck once when I started down in a hole and ended up sitting on the skid plate and all 4 were off the ground. I took a few pics while we're were stopped and someone sent me one with me in the hole. Overall, this machine is amazing and I can't wait to get back out again.

In the pic where I'm stuck, that's me supervising my cousin while he hooks up he tow strap. His payment forgetting to ride with me all day lol
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Haha, same happened to me. Was my first time to use the winch this weekend. Water/mud was up to where I couldn't see my pedals though. Didn't think it was much and hit it in 2wd, when it hit the hood I switched to 4wd really quick but didn't help I was already in deep doodoo. LOL Maybe if I had some 28in mud tires I could have plowed through.

Cleaning took me 3 hours. Had it all done then opened up the console to clean around it. Holy cow.. looked like a mud bomb went off in there. That took a lot of water/simple green to get all that mud.
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Y'all are really putting these machines to the test! Glad to hear that everything is holding up well even after pushing it through those deep holes.
Looking good boys!
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