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Exhaust and pc5

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Has anyone tried the exhaust tip that is out for the wolvy and a pc 5 with timing advanced?if so how does it work and how was the gains?thx in advance john
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I have because I sell them, little gains. The main selling point of the PC5 is lower exhaust temps while cruising, yamaha runs them very lean in the cruise range

Same as the tip, it helps lower the temps and changes the sound

In performance, you may or may not notice a change. You will go a little faster on top end though

Best performance is had by putting some clutch work in it

link to - Wolverine Machined Sheave Combo

Click that link and read the tech article plus the explanation video

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Not so sure I agree with tip helping with heat unless used with pcv. I would think tip alone would make it even more lean and run even hotter. Am I wrong ? If I am correct then tip is not the fix. The pcv is the fix or at least a step toward a fix.
The "theory" behind the cooler temps would be the exhaust flows out faster.

Kinda like a exhaust glows red on the dyno and does not on the road, the air flow across it cools the pipe

so in this case and again it is a theory is the slow lean and hot gas holds more heat in and letting it out faster would allow it to run cooler

I totally agree with the need for the PCV for the lean condition.
I believe you are both technically correct, but the exhaust tip doesn't flow enough to make a dramatic enough of change in leaning or cooling to be concerned. Now if you tossed a full open pipe, twin silencer exhaust on without adding additional fuel, you would see a serious leaning issue. Both the tip and powercommander are nice additions as they complement each other, both adding little power/cooling/enriching, but both adding up to something larger.
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Got it. Makes sense.
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