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Engine Shut Down when Switching 4wd

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I have a 21’ Rmax4 XTR with 4,000 miles on it and love every minute riding it.

Last weekend I was riding in WV and the machine would shut down whenever I would switch the 4wd. Happen from 2 wheel to 4 wheel and 4 wheel to 2 wheel. It cut off on me going down a hill coasting too. I noticed the yellow “check engine” light would come on after the engine turned off. I would have to turn the key off and crank it up. It would crank like normal.

I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else and if there is a fix I can do myself or take it to the dealership?

Other than terrible rear axles I haven’t had any issues for 4K miles.

Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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That may possibly be it but the machine has turned off on me while coasting down a hill. I haven’t seen anyone else with this problem on the forum. Worst case I take it to dealership I have the extended warranty just don’t like being without my machine.
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Just using 4wd. On rare occasions I’ll use diff lock.
Yes the light comes on like normal and the engine is around 190-200ish degrees. Really weird it cut off while I was coasting downhill too. I didn’t have the adventure pro the weekend or I would check to see if it was throwing a fault code. I’m going to try this weekend to see if I can repeat the problem. Hopefully the fault code will show up.
All lights on the dash stay on just the engine stalls. The “check engine” light comes on. I turn the key to off and it fires right back up. Weird….
I figure I would clean the air filter, check the spark plugs and check the spark arrestor this weekend. I’ve seen those arrestors clog up and make engines not idle right. Hopefully it’s one of those items and not something the dealer has to work on. I know I have several rides planned this year in WV and I don’t need a machine that stalls on me.
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Just got the engine code from the adventure pro. Fault code 60. Weird I can’t find anything on searches in the internet about it.

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Thank you letting me know. I hope that’s covered on the warranty. I’m surprised no one else has had this issue
I’ve done all the servicing myself (oil, trans,diff changes). I can do the simple stuff at home. Hopefully it will be a quick fix at the dealer. I appreciate the insight.
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Just got a call from the dealership. Throttle body is bad. $1,500 to replace and the garbage extended warranty won’t cover. Spent $1,500 on the warranty looks like I’m out $3k.

I guess it’s true you have to pay to play…
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I appreciate the info. My extended warranty is thru a different company, not Yamaha. I don’t know if that’s a US thing or I got really scammed. I would curious if other’s warranties are through Yamaha or third party.
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Not curious anymore I got scammed by the dealer.

Talked to a lady with YES she told me that she gets calls all the time we’re dealers sell people a warranty they thought was Yamaha.

Costly mistake on my part. I’m just thankful that my rmax has been great for 4,000 miles minus the throttle body.
My warranty is through Western Service Contract Corporation.

Dealer called last Wednesday said it’s going to be another 2 weeks before the Throttle Body would ship. Called a friend about the issues he told me to check the ECM. Called dealer they said they check it and had no problems. After almost 5 weeks sitting at the dealership I picked it up and took it to the friends place and he pulled the ECM. There’s was corrosion in the socket and a pin fell out. Fortunately he let me borrow a spare until my comes in about a week.

These dealers are part replacers and not mechanics. I had to pay $280 for “diagnostics” for a part that nothing was wrong with. Needless to say I will never go to Kevin Powell Motorsports ever again for anything. They open tomorrow and I’m calling them and asking for my money back.

Attached are pics of the socket and the ECM thankfully I’m not replacing a $900 part for nothing.

FYI be careful washing the machine under the hood. Apparently it’s not all waterproof.

Massive shout out to Bill and Jonathan with Eagle ATV. Great people that I owe much thanks to.

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I did use a cc. I’m hoping they do the honorable thing and give a refund. I highly doubt they will.

Just thankful my machine runs like it should and I dodged a bullet on the TB.
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