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I know this question was asked before. I watched the promo video for both last night, and this is the differences that I noticed.

Kodiak took the price of the 550, so the line up is 700 only.

Kodiak as a shift lever for 4wd, while the grizzly keeps the handle bar mounted switch.

The Kodiak has halogen head lights, the grizzly has brighter L.E.D headlights.

The Kodiak has fixed suspension, the grizzly has the 5 click adjustable preload kyb socks (basically the same as last year)

Kodiak has 25in tires, grizzly has 26 in maxxis tires

Both have center storage where the gas tank filler used to be, bit grizzly keeps the dry storage on the fender as well as additional storage under the l.e.d. Tail light like the can-am outlander's

They both come in eps, and non eps, but the grizzly has a special edition as well with aluminum wheels and different color plastics.

I believe that about sums it up. So Kodiak is a more base model 700, 550 replacement, same cost as 550.

Grizzly 700 basically a revised grizzly 700, priced about the same as a 2014 700.
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