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Just wanted to confirm an issue with the CVT tubing. All I was able to access without taking half the machine apart(I only took 1/4 of it apart lol) was the bottom rubber elbow on the CVT exhaust tubing. The tubing has a seam in it from the plastic molding process, and the two halves of the part are not lined up properly, which causes an offset seam on each side. This seam deters the rubber gasket from making a proper seal, which allows water dirt to seep in along the seam. I had seen a video about this here, before I purchased mine, so i decided to check it before my first ride. Sure enough, the seam needed filed down, so I did that first before riding. I also put a light film of grease under the clamps to let them work as designed. The rubber boot appears to be overly soft and tacky compared to most rubber elbows/boots on intake tubing, and this contributes to the binding seen in the video. I assume the video was posted by Jim at JBS, but that is only speculation as I do not know him. So, for anyone who hasn't checked this yet, please do, or you risk damage to the CVT system.
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