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Current Honda 700 owner checking out the wolverine

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Hi all. I have been lurking around for about a month and just had to share a story with you.

I stopped by a dealer in northern Michigan this past weekend and asked the Sales rep if they had a Wolverine. He said yes, would you like to drive it? I told him no, just wanted to see it and hear it run. While we were walking over he told me that it had the same motor as the Viking and Rhino. OK :). After I told him that the motor was quite different he then told me that Yamaha was getting ready to release their new 3 cylinder Banshee SXS.

should we believe him?

By the way, it seemed to shake a lot while idling. The Honda is way smoother at idle. does it smooth out once underway?
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does smooth out underway. actually not as bad of idle vibrations as the 700's in the Viking and rhino.

Banshee eh? Awesome!
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