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Build Quality is Verry Good

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There is a grease fitting on the U-Joint in front of the front drive shaft bearing. Automotive standards on electrical wiring, brake lines, and oil and coolant hose routing and protection where needed. It took a few days to reroute and add protection to all three Polaris models I had. Kawasaki and Honda also have a very good build quality. The Wolverine is more like buying a car, just add fuel and drive it.


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Nice to hear Bob! I had to re-route my winch wiring but that was no fault of Yamaha but the careless mechanic in the service department.. Looking forward to hearing more about how you rate the Wolverine.
Thanks Timmi! Is that the CVT intake just below the seat back frame? If so, looks like your but would have to be wet before the CVT sucked water?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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