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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
Born n raised in the great state of Alaska. I've been into powersports since I could walk. Ridden everything I could on 2/3/4 wheels, skis, or a hull. Spent most of my youth riding and wrenching motorcycles of all brands from Jawa to Hondas. Lots of honda atc's . Rode flat track, trials, mx, trail, and now street.
At 37, I'm finding it more pleasant to slow down a little and enjoy life. ( Not to mention I heal up a lot slower than I used to. ) A good days ride usually takes me 2 days of recovery anymore.
Until recently I had taken a 8 year hiatus from big boys toys. Just last summer I decided to earn my m1 endorsement and bought an old Honda CBR600 f4i. The price was right and I knew it had enough power to keep me happy a while.
I've been looking at side by sides since the rhino surfaced many years ago. Watched the progression and sometimes regression of the industry over the years. I often thought to myself what real value would any of these rigs be to me? The rzr however nice seems all performance and way light on the utility side. The rhino a bit too light in performance. Then came can am commander, while nice was a bit too heavy for my liking. And now Yamaha has come out with a machine that might be able to satisfy my Goldilocks syndrome.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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