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Bad sales people

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No reason to post this other than a way for me to vent. About a month ago I thought I'd check with one of the dealers in my area to see if they had an idea as to when they might have a Wolverine for me to come see. This dealership does a lot of business and they recommend that you send them an email if you want schedule some time with a sales person. Well I didn't want to do that since I know they don't have any yet so I sent them a message kind of like a "chat" forum. So this guy gets on and I tell him what I'm looking at and first off he wants me to "schedule" a meeting with a sales rep and they can show me what they have and I told him that's not necessary as I had done my research and had pretty much decided on the Wolverine. He replied something to the effect that I should come in and check out their lineup and he promised me that I did not want that machine. So what is this guy trying NOT to make a sale?? That pretty much ended it for me. I am no expert by any means but I've owned most of them at time or another and been riding them since the '80's so I pretty much know what I want at this time in my life. How does a place like that justify idiots like him on the payroll? I am serious about owning one and by me contacting them I was allowing them a chance at my business but not now. Screw 'em. Ok I'm done thanks for listening.
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But he has the one he wants to sell ya in stock now!
Sounds like my local Yamaha dealer in town. I called and asked if they had any idea when then would be getting any in. All I got was some "um, well, ah". Asked if they had any pricing on them yet and got the same "Um, well, ah". If I decide to get one looks like I'll be making the 45 min drive to the dealer that I got my last 2 machines from that actually has a clue.
I drove 4 hours each way to buy my rzr when there is a dealer less than a mile from my house. The local dealer wouldn't even come out and talk to me on the lot.
Dealer I bought my grizzly from told me 3rd week of April, it sounded like I was taking up to much of his time. Some people need to find a new job.
sadly, the majority of the powersports sales teams out there are still working off the old "car salesman" model. it's really a shame, too, because they don't have to. i've run a business for 35 years now and by proxy have been in sales almost every day. people want to be treated with respect, not like a paycheck.

ALWAYS treat others the way you want to be treated.
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